With us, you will find a team that is eager, dedicated and knowledgeable. We place great value on the ‘human’ interaction and back it up with a strong focus
NPS-AV is the one stop shop for design and execuation for various requirements in Audio and Video and we are one of the leading dealers of the following companies

Our expertise in the home entertainment market places us in a unique position by ensuring an end to end one stop solution for all a client's needs. We can deliver complete services at all price points from:

• Client interfacing and customizing solutions
• Interior design
• Product selection and supply
• Acoustic design expertise
• Installation expertise
• Project management and coordination
• Warranties and maintenance
New Products Launched : Q Lite Automation from UK for Commercial & Residential by NPS AV | Wisdom Audio Speakers | Prosella Audio Speakers | Runco Projectors
Our Services

The processes we follow are designed to ensure that you receive true value for equipment, advice and accessories. We adhere to systems that take an idea and raise the standards in reality.
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